Ads of ecstatic women using talcum powder on their baby’s bottom have been seen for decades which give off the vibe that talcum powders are anything but unsafe for the genital area. However, the truth is far from the claim because recent studies link talcum powders directly with ovarian cancer in women. The suspicion regarding talcum powders go 4 decades back and even though ovarian cancer is dependent upon numerous factors, it is quite likely that when talcum powder is used in the genital area, the talc particles can make their way to the ovaries through the vagina and fallopian tubes and contribute to the risk of developing cancer.

The evidence to support this claim actually came out in 1971, where it was found out that in fact, as much as 75% of the ovarian cancer tumors consisted of talc particles. About 10 years later, a study conducted by Harvard University suggested that women who used talcum powders or baby powders ran a 30% more risk of developing cancer than the ones that didn’t. Additionally, in 1997 it was found out through an internal memo that Johnson & Johnson’s – manufacturer of baby powders – knew about this risk but thought this factor wasn’t big enough for them to discontinue the sale of their talcum products or even warn the users about this danger for them to take well-informed decisions.

Regardless of the facts and data produced, big-shot companies continue to deny any association of talcum powders with cancer by claiming that the evidence is not enough to maintain a connection between the two. After the studies were put forth, Johnson & Johnson’s continued to sell its products without offering any sort of warning on the bottles of its talcum powder for more than half a century.

The motive of implementing ride-sharing facilities in a city is to reduce the number of personal cars treading on the road. Ride-sharing cars promote carpooling and help reduce the cumulative carbon-footprint of a city. But this is not all that these ride-sharing facilities provide. They are also linked with an increase in the number of crashes and congestion in certain areas of the city.

A team of researchers conducted a study for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business named “The Cost of convenience: Ride Sharing and Traffic Fatalities”. In this study, they found evidence that after introducing Ride-sharing services like Uber in a city it led to an increase in traffic delays and the number of crashes.

Why The Increase?

Every driver has a right of way on the roads.  There are set conditions and markers which allow the driver to respond carefully on the road.  These markers and signs consist of stop signs, red lights, crossroad markers, among other things.  Negligence to follow such rules can causes accidents that seriously injure people.

Washington State has clearly set restrictions which are meant to be followed because they will keep you safe. On your part, you have to follow them and ensure that you are not endangering the life of another person.

Washington State Law Denotes that:

Driving on a road in Kirkland and Seattle has to be done with a sense of responsibility and sanity. Even one second of negligence can lead to a collision or a crash. Likewise, overtaking other cars or vehicles has to be done after giving due care to the laws and the real-time driving conditions. Wrongful overtaking will only result in an accident which will disrupt your normal life routine. Continue reading ›

There is an unseen and unspoken trust between the drivers on the road. They trust that the other car driver or the one beside them will not do anything wrong, which you could put everyone in harm’s way. Breaching this trust leads to a crash or collision and the result is an injury to a number of people.

A blind spot car accident is caused due to negligence by the car driver. A driver’s blind-spot is at the rear-end of the passenger side; it is often very difficult to clearly observe the area on this side of the car. Hence, whenever a driver takes a wrong and unwarranted turn towards his blind-spot it can lead to an accident.

What to do when you are in a blind-spot of the other driver?

Whenever you get into a taxi cab, you trust that the driver will keep you safe and you will reach your destination without any regrets. It is also the duty of the driver to ensure that the co-passengers are safe. If the driver breaks his promise, the result is an incident which is frustrating for not only the rider but for the driver and the other party too. This goes on without saying that in the State of Washington, there are some prudential rules and laws executed for the protection of drivers and the citizens.

Laws for the Taxicab:

  • Vicarious Liability: Vicarious Liability means that the taxi company is liable to pay for your losses if you meet with an accident while riding the cab. The driver works for the company and the company, in turn, has to ensure your safety and security.

Birth Injuries And Medical Malpractice In Seattle: Knowing Your Rights

Birth injuries are one of the most traumatic experiences any family can go through. A birth injury presents a lifetime of sufferings to infants, or worst lead to their death. Traumatic situations like these can occur with a single mistake and will have a significant impact on your life forever.

In this modern world, medical advances have been made to childbirth and pregnancy, and any parent would assume that the birth injury rate in Washington to be little to none. However, that is not the case. Birth injuries are in fact is surprisingly common across the country, including in Seattle. A lot are extremely serious while some ends in the heartbreaking and tragic loss of either the baby or the mother.

It seems odd to rent out a car when there is Uber and Lyft present almost everywhere. You never know that the driver ahead of you is driving his own car or has rented it. The roads are already stuffed with a lot of cars and more the number of cars more will be the proportional increment of getting into an accident.

Collisions with a rented car may land you into more trouble than you expect. There are health concerns about meeting with this type of accident. Along with this, there are other imperative complexities regarding the insurance and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Why is Insurance important in the Car Rental Crashes?

Truly, if we are to filter out one type of accident which is most dreaded that has to be a Crosswalk or pedestrian path accident. The car, truck or SUV drivers sometimes cannot differentiate between a road and a pedestrian path. Similarly, the people sometimes cannot confirm before walking on the crosswalk that what the legend is instructing. The result in both of these cases is a grave injury to the individual. These are the types of injuries sustained in such a crash.

  • Concussion or head injuries
  • Broken bones

Similar to Uber, Lyft is also a ride-sharing service. Although the services of both these ventures are the same. However, there is some sort of difference when you are involved unfortunately in a car accident.

Lyft operates only in the US and Canada at present. It is present in over 300 cities and works up to 1 million rides per day. It is evident that the number of crashes has indeed decreased in the cities since the arrival of these services. Still, there are instances of incidents hurting the riders and the driver of the vehicle.

Washington State Laws with regards to Lyft Drivers and Cars: