“To err is human”, and that is why you need to know what remedies you have in case of dental malpractice. We are not saying that the dentists or the orthodontist or even an oral surgeon is not good at what they do. But the end result of even a single mistake can be grave. That is why there is insurance available for such instances where you are the victim of the mistake of a medical practitioner.

Dental malpractices are not very common in the city of Seattle, Kirkland, Bellingham, Olympia and all across the Washington State, but they do happen.  It is hard to prove such a case in the court. This is because you need to show that the dentist did not execute his/her job to the normal standard of care and due to that you got hurt or it led to further injuries and increased your problems.

What Do You Need to Prove?

There are many trucks and trailers on roads nowadays. Many times, these lose truck lose control and their inability to stop causes an accident. These are called runaway truck accidents. There can be various causes of such an accident. These include speeding trucks, brake-failure or an inattentive driver, etc.

State Runaway Truck Laws in Washington

In Washington, semi-trucks fall in the commercial vehicle category. Therefore, there are stricter guidelines for insurance and also more government regulations.  Those of the semi-trucks which do not fall in the category of the commercial vehicles do not conform to the strict guidelines by the government. The rules are somewhat lenient for them and they can enter streets and the neighboring areas, while the commercial vehicles cannot enter them.

The Interstate highways or freeways in Seattle and Kirkland, such as I-5 and 405 and I-90, are the major road stretches that connect various cities of the Seattle metro area. On these freeways, the cars, trucks, SUV’s are allowed to drive at higher speeds.  Pile up accidents are the result of one or more than one vehicle driver halting abruptly leading the vehicles coming from behind to crash and pile up behind.

Heavy traffic, snowy or icy roads, road obstructions, and an accident are the most common causes which lead to pile up accidents. When talking about the legal considerations of such incidents there are various complex factors that are involved.

The Law Regarding Pile Up Accidents

Washington is a beautiful state with a number of splendid and mesmerizing destination spread all across. In the cities of Seattle, Kirkland, and others entice a motorcycle owner to take a stroll through its beauty. But even a single mistake by another driver can turn your amazing stride into a disaster. Out of all the reason for these type of accidents, an unannounced and unobserved left turn by a car is the major reason.

Other reasons that lead to motorcycle accidents:

It often happens that an SUV, a truck, a semi or even a car may not notice your bike coming and taking a left turn in this scenario can hurt the rider. Other reasons for accidents are:

In case you’re in a motorcycle accident, it is mostly the bigger vehicles like trucks, cars, and SUVs that cause damage. In these accidents, the bikers have to face serious injuries. In the past few years, the number of motorcycle accidents has increased more than double. Also, there has been an alarming rise in such cases in Washington State too.

Motorcycle Laws in Washington State

There are many motorcycle laws set in Washington State. These include properly equipping yourself with gear and also it is important to have proper visibility. Helmets along with eye protection are other essentials as stated by the Washington law.  These include proper shoes, eye protection, and gloves.

Uber is one of the most common commute options available. With the passage of time, it has overtaken the businesses of traditional cabs and taxis. These are a lot convenient and also the fares are reasonably priced. However, it’s not always that these rides are a convenient and good experience. If you have had an accident while in a Uber ride, you can claim against Uber. Please note that, in this case, you cannot claim against the driver since Uber is liable for the actions of its employees. Uber goes by the ‘commercial insurance policy’.

Under the commercial insurance policies, if an accident happens, you can claim the insurance too. Now there can be various causes of an accident while riding in an Uber.  The most common causes are distractions, a negligent driver, inattention, sleepiness, and ill-maintained vehicle, etc.

Uber is a global brand and has a huge network across various nations. Some facts about Uber:

In case you feel like considerable damage has been done to your child’s health at the time of birth due to the negligence of the doctor, there is something you can do about it.   Such an incident can turn the beautiful experience into an undesirable event. 

Birth injuries are a serious issue and can scar your kid for life. The impacts of these injuries can be long lasting and might bring along financial challenges too. Below is the detailed guide that tells you the steps to take in case of medical malpractice.

Causes of Birth Injuries

The term runaway truck means when a truck or its trailer loses its balance or control and is unable to stop and thus an accident occurs. Such is without a doubt, one of the most dangerous events which the driver may have no control over. The drivers of trucks, trailers, semi-trucks or even SUVs may face such situations.

In such cases, the collision happens as a rear-end accident usually. These accidents may also cause a considerable amount of damage to the other vehicles present on the road at that time. Moreover, such accidents are more likely to happen in the hilly areas and there are many such areas around Kirkland, Olympia, Bellevue, and Seattle.

Causes of Runaway Truck Accidents

Oversized trucks are a common sight on the Washington State Highways. These trucks, though put to multiple uses, normally carry large construction materials. A truck is considered to be an oversized truck if it has a minimum width of 8 feet and the material it carries is at least 12 feet wide. Due to their large size, these trucks are usually escorted by another vehicle for safety purposes. For instance, the escort vehicle alerts other vehicles on the road of the presence of an oversized truck. Plus, to warn the truck itself of the impending need for caution or danger ahead.

Washington State Oversized Truck Laws and Causes of Accidents

Oversized trucks are commercial vehicles and have to follow a number of Washington State Policies and Laws, while on the road. Thus, these trucks are seldom involved in accidents, but when they do, people sustain serious injuries.

Washington State Highways are driven on by a number of trucks, including 18 wheeler trucks. And many of these carry hazardous materials every day, on these roads. A majority of these trucks are driven with precision and pose no harm to the general public. But in the event of an accident, the hazardous material they carry can spill over, besides causing grave injuries or even deaths.

The materials these 18 wheelers mostly transport is mostly in gas or liquid form. Even in case of a minor hit, if one of the pipes or outlets gets punctured, the harmful chemicals can spill on the road. And in case the material is inflammable, it will most likely catch fire or even a blast. On the other hand, if you directly come in contact with the spilled chemical, you might suffer serious chemical burns or injury. For these reasons, the Washington State states certain restrictions on the movement of certain types of chemicals or hazardous materials on its highways.

Washington State Hazardous Material Truck Laws