Bar Overserving, A Major Cause of Car Accidents

Getting into a car accident can be frustrating and painful. It will cause trouble in your life and will lead to monetary losses. Hundreds of thousands of people are involved in car crashes in Washington every year and some unfortunate souls succumb to their injuries due to the crash. This means that every time you step onto the road there is some degree of risk involved. This risk stands when you are in a car or even just walking on the road. The end result is that you land into trouble and have to bear the consequences.

In case of legal matters, a car accident comes under the purview of personal injury. And when it comes to fighting your case none other than the Jackman Law Firm will provide unflinching support and guidance to cruise smoothly through your perils. There are a lot of reasons which can land you into a court for fighting a personal injury case. We can handle all of these litigations and provide the best chances of winning and one of them is Bar Overserving.

What is Bar Overserving?


Binge drinking is the major cause of accidents due to alcohol intoxication. In this scenario, there are three parties involved, the victim, the perpetrator, and the bartender or the bar itself. As a result of the Temperance Movement, Washington State implemented the Dram Shop Laws. This law holds the host, bartender or the bar liable to face charges if the guest or patron is involved in a car accident. Moreover, it is the duty of the bartender or the host to not serve drinks to a visibly intoxicated guest or patron.

Another consideration in this scenario is the age of the person who serves booze or alcohol. If a minor creates an accident when he/she is under the influence of alcohol the serving adult will be held liable. Also, if the perpetrator and the serving agent are both adults the final verdict will be decided on a case by case basis. But the important thing is that you can press charges and we at Jackman will ensure that you get the fair compensation for your losses.

Health Loss incurred in such incidents:

The bar overserving accidents and cases result in various types of injuries including:

  • Head injury and concussions.
  • There can be disc problems (herniated or bulging discs due to the impact).
  • Bone fractures and other disabilities.
  • Other minor whiplash or minimal impact incidents leading to small injuries.

How we can help?

At Jackman Law Firm you will be amongst well-read and seasoned lawyers in Seattle. We think that out of the two types of cases (first-part & third-party), the third party litigations have a higher chance at winning. This is because the court and the jury will not be convinced that the perpetrator has no responsibility for his/her drinking habits.

In the third part cases, you will have to prove that the bartender or the hose served higher amounts of alcohol. It has to be proved that the bar had prior knowledge of the individual’s condition and served him regardless. All of this not as easier as it looks. That is why you need one of the Jackman’s lawyers to assist you with the proceedings and help you win the case. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get your free consultation.