Blind Spot Car Accidents | Causes and Consequences

There is an unseen and unspoken trust between the drivers on the road. They trust that the other car driver or the one beside them will not do anything wrong, which you could put everyone in harm’s way. Breaching this trust leads to a crash or collision and the result is an injury to a number of people.

A blind spot car accident is caused due to negligence by the car driver. A driver’s blind-spot is at the rear-end of the passenger side; it is often very difficult to clearly observe the area on this side of the car. Hence, whenever a driver takes a wrong and unwarranted turn towards his blind-spot it can lead to an accident.

What to do when you are in a blind-spot of the other driver?

It is always recommended to keep two car distances between the vehicles. A car traveling at 60 MPH will come to a halt in about 4.5 seconds. So keeping a safe distance will mean that you will not create an accident if the driver ahead of you takes an unprecedented turn and is not able to judge your position due to the blind-spot.

Consequently, when you are driving ahead of the other vehicles, do not randomly take a peek to the rear. Shifting your focus from the road straight ahead is a precursor for a rear end collision. Also, you will not be able to get a good look in a few seconds. Always ensure that the road ahead is empty and that you have given the turn indicator before taking a wrong turn on the road.

Proving negligent driving behavior of the driver:

In a court of law, fighting a blind-spot case is not easy.  The following are common arguments you might hear in court:

  • It was the driver’s duty to indicate his turn beforehand
  • He broke your trust, which led to an accident
  • You were harmed because of his actions

In such a situation you will need a legal aid by your side to help you prove the case. These cases can be tricky because proving a breach of trust is not easy. But not for the Jackman Law Firm. We have plenty of experience in dealing with such cases and can help you get your deserved compensation from the driver’s insurance company or from your insurance company depending on the situation.

Injuries caused due to blind-spot accidents:


Blind-spot accidents entail various types of injuries. It is frustrating and cumbersome to go through all this due to someone else’s fault. Some common injuries are:

  • Fractures, broken bones and sprains
  • Disc problems and back problems
  • Head injury and concussions

Jackman Law Firm:

Your car insurance company and the insurance company of the at-fault driver are both liable to pay for your losses. All you need to do is collect the appropriate evidence medical bills.   But it often happens that insurance companies  will not budge from their position and will try to shift the blame on you.

This is where we come in. The Jackman Law Firm has addressed and won several such cases. There is nothing stopping us from doing the same for you. We will collect all the evidence, go through the surveillance tapes and understand the case. You will receive compensation for your medical bills, along with pain and suffering and other out of pocket expenses.

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