Car Overtaking | The risks and legal remedies

Driving on a road in Kirkland and Seattle has to be done with a sense of responsibility and sanity. Even one second of negligence can lead to a collision or a crash. Likewise, overtaking other cars or vehicles has to be done after giving due care to the laws and the real-time driving conditions. Wrongful overtaking will only result in an accident which will disrupt your normal life routine.

When overtaking a vehicle you have to ensure that there is no other vehicle approaching from the front. As you are on the wrong side of the road for a few moments while overtaking, getting back into your lane should be done after taking care of the vehicles coming from behind in your lane.

Washington State Law for Overtaking states that:

  • The driver shall overtake another vehicle from its right-hand side.
  • Always ensure that there is enough width on the other side of the road (2-3 lanes) which allows for easy movement.
  • The driver cannot drive off the roadway when overtaking.

These laws are drafted and implemented to ensure that all the drivers treading on the road are safe. Following these laws is imperative, it will only help you and other drivers complete the journey without any incident.

Causes of negligent overtaking on the roads:

Although Overtaking is not necessary on wide roads, you only need to follow your speed limits and stay in your lane. The most accident-prone roads with respect to overtaking are the ones which are not divided. These two-way roads pose a greater risk when it comes to overtaking or driving recklessly.

  • Aggressive Driving: for some people driving is a thrill and they take pleasure in driving aggressively. These kinds of drivers will indulge in unlawful driving practices and they will resort to risky overtakes of other cars. And this is where the chances of an accident increase substantially.
  • Emergency Situation: It can happen that sometimes a person is needed somewhere or is in a situation where he/she needs to reach somewhere immediately. In these situations, the driver tends to ignore the laws and rules of driving and wants to reach the destination ASAP.  Ignoring the rules of the road is full of volatility and it may lead to an accident.

Injuries caused due to overtaking accidents:

car-overtaking -accidents

Due to the fault of another driver, you may sustain the following injuries:

  • Head injuries or even a head concussion.
  • Bone injuries, sprains, fractures, and broken bones
  • ACL tears
  • Body burns due to the car catching sudden fire
  • The head-on collisions are the most dangerous and they can lead to some grave injuries to the disc. Like bulging or herniated discs.

Jackman Law Firm will fight your case:

Proving liability of the at-fault driver is necessary to win a case in these situations. You need to prove to the court that you are the victim of someone else’s negligence.  For handling the legal complexities we at the Jackman Law Firm assure you that we will first gather all evidence and make a strong case for you. This will help you prove that you are not at fault here. Lastly, we will get you compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering expenses
  • Car repair costs
  • Loss of wages 
  • Out of pocket expenses

All you need to do is give us one call and book a free appointment. We will not charge anything before you win the case.  We have a strong track record of winning cases and we can do the same for you.