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Washington is a beautiful state with a number of splendid and mesmerizing destination spread all across. In the cities of Seattle, Kirkland, and others entice a motorcycle owner to take a stroll through its beauty. But even a single mistake by another driver can turn your amazing stride into a disaster. Out of all the reason for these type of accidents, an unannounced and unobserved left turn by a car is the major reason.

Other reasons that lead to motorcycle accidents:

It often happens that an SUV, a truck, a semi or even a car may not notice your bike coming and taking a left turn in this scenario can hurt the rider. Other reasons for accidents are:

In case you’re in a motorcycle accident, it is mostly the bigger vehicles like trucks, cars, and SUVs that cause damage. In these accidents, the bikers have to face serious injuries. In the past few years, the number of motorcycle accidents has increased more than double. Also, there has been an alarming rise in such cases in Washington State too.

Motorcycle Laws in Washington State

There are many motorcycle laws set in Washington State. These include properly equipping yourself with gear and also it is important to have proper visibility. Helmets along with eye protection are other essentials as stated by the Washington law.  These include proper shoes, eye protection, and gloves.