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There are many trucks and trailers on roads nowadays. Many times, these lose truck lose control and their inability to stop causes an accident. These are called runaway truck accidents. There can be various causes of such an accident. These include speeding trucks, brake-failure or an inattentive driver, etc.

State Runaway Truck Laws in Washington

In Washington, semi-trucks fall in the commercial vehicle category. Therefore, there are stricter guidelines for insurance and also more government regulations.  Those of the semi-trucks which do not fall in the category of the commercial vehicles do not conform to the strict guidelines by the government. The rules are somewhat lenient for them and they can enter streets and the neighboring areas, while the commercial vehicles cannot enter them.

The term runaway truck means when a truck or its trailer loses its balance or control and is unable to stop and thus an accident occurs. Such is without a doubt, one of the most dangerous events which the driver may have no control over. The drivers of trucks, trailers, semi-trucks or even SUVs may face such situations.

In such cases, the collision happens as a rear-end accident usually. These accidents may also cause a considerable amount of damage to the other vehicles present on the road at that time. Moreover, such accidents are more likely to happen in the hilly areas and there are many such areas around Kirkland, Olympia, Bellevue, and Seattle.

Causes of Runaway Truck Accidents

Oversized trucks are a common sight on the Washington State Highways. These trucks, though put to multiple uses, normally carry large construction materials. A truck is considered to be an oversized truck if it has a minimum width of 8 feet and the material it carries is at least 12 feet wide. Due to their large size, these trucks are usually escorted by another vehicle for safety purposes. For instance, the escort vehicle alerts other vehicles on the road of the presence of an oversized truck. Plus, to warn the truck itself of the impending need for caution or danger ahead.

Washington State Oversized Truck Laws and Causes of Accidents

Oversized trucks are commercial vehicles and have to follow a number of Washington State Policies and Laws, while on the road. Thus, these trucks are seldom involved in accidents, but when they do, people sustain serious injuries.

Washington State Highways are driven on by a number of trucks, including 18 wheeler trucks. And many of these carry hazardous materials every day, on these roads. A majority of these trucks are driven with precision and pose no harm to the general public. But in the event of an accident, the hazardous material they carry can spill over, besides causing grave injuries or even deaths.

The materials these 18 wheelers mostly transport is mostly in gas or liquid form. Even in case of a minor hit, if one of the pipes or outlets gets punctured, the harmful chemicals can spill on the road. And in case the material is inflammable, it will most likely catch fire or even a blast. On the other hand, if you directly come in contact with the spilled chemical, you might suffer serious chemical burns or injury. For these reasons, the Washington State states certain restrictions on the movement of certain types of chemicals or hazardous materials on its highways.

Washington State Hazardous Material Truck Laws

The Washington state is known to have safe highways, yet some of them are prone to accidents. Especially some parts of highways in and around Seattle has witnessed some accidents over the years.  On I-5, 405, I-90, and 520, most accidents occur as a result of drivers being tired, sleepless or exhausted.  Or some of them are in a hurry to reach their destination on time or early. The result is driving on Seattle highways are becoming more and more dangerous.

Seattle Highway Accident Laws

The Washington state laws state that for driving trucks and heavy vehicles, drivers need to have Commercial Driving Licenses(CDL). And these are not easy to get, as the applicants have to go through a series of tests to qualify. But nevertheless, not all companies follow the prescribed procedures and tests while hiring a driver. Apart from the CDL, companies need to run background and fitness checks while hiring as well as on regular intervals. Many trucking companies also fail to properly maintain their vehicles, which can lead to accidents on road. These may include:

If you have driven on any of the Washington State Highways, you must have noticed many large trucks including 18 wheelers on the roads. Most of these trucks pose no risk to the general vehicle, especially in Seattle, but in case of an accident, there are serious consequences. One of the common reasons for such almost fatal accidents is the truck being overridden or under-ride.

In case you don’t understand the term, it means the scenario when a vehicle (usually a car) is run over by a semi truck or an 18 wheeler. These accidents are mostly fatal, as the car gets stuck under the truck, further complicating things.

The common situations for truck overriding accidents to occur are when the driver loses control of the truck due to the following:

When 18-wheeler trucks weighing thousands of pounds applies sudden brakes or skids on the road, the consequences are pretty serious. One of them being the truck getting jackknifed. That is, the trail attached to the truck folds over its hinges to make an acute angle with truck’s cab. Surviving such accidents is nothing short of a miracle.

Some Common Causes for Jackknifing Truck Accidents

Truck jackknifing accidents are considered among the most or nearly fatal truck accidents. And the 18 wheelers and semi trucks are the common trucks involved in these. But for a truck to jackknife, only a few situations are responsible. These include:

Semi Trucks and 18 wheelers are a common sight on the Washington State roads, including in Seattle and Olympia. They are very rarely involved in accidents, but when they do, the consequences are severe. While one of the major reasons of semi truck accidents is their overspeeding.

Speeding Semi Truck Accident Laws

Speeding truck accidents can be of two types. One, when the driver is simply driving too fast. The other is when the driver is driving too fast for the road conditions. Either way, you may raise a claim against the owners of the speeding truck involved in the collision. Further, if you are not at fault, there are two other sources. It can either be the truck driver’s mistake or a mistake made by the company.

Driving on the Washington state highways is not as safe as it sounds. Especially those in Seattle, Kirkland and Olympia know that many semi trucks and 18 wheelers ply on the roads regularly. And what can be more scary and disastrous than cargo falling off from the truck ahead?  Though these are mostly carefully secured, one small error can lead to serious accidents.

What Washington State Laws state on Falling Cargo

The Washington state has specific laws that clearly state guidelines on how certain cargo is to be loaded. Including the fact that both the driver and the trucking company has to ensure that the cargo is tied securely well before the vehicle gets on the road.  Also, the cargo must not keep moving around, or roll inside the truck. Especially when the truck is taking a turn, accelerates or applies brakes, the cargo must stay steady and in place.