Dealing with Personal Injury due to Car Accidents

As per the Washington State Department of Transportation, in 2017 more than 120,000 car accidents occurred in the city. This goes on without saying that commuting on roads is not free of risks. There are negligent drivers, teen drivers, drunk drivers who deliberately or not pose a grave risk to your health and life.

If you or your loved one is struck by a car while commuting on the road, the first thing to do is get help. After seeing through to the pre-requisites, just give the Jackman Law Firm one call. We will be more than happy to help you and get you the well-deserved compensation for your injuries.

Legal Matters in a Personal Injury Accident:

Moreover, you have a legal obligation (In Washington) to report the accident in which the cumulative loss amounts to $1000 or more. Then there are calls and regular emails from the insurance companies, State departments, and other authorities regarding the accident. In all this, you will miss out not only in taking good care of your health. But there will be disruptions in life and at work, just because someone else decided to ram their vehicle into you.

At the Jackman Law Firm, we make sure that you focus entirely on your health and recovery. We will take care of everything else. The insurance firms, the legal battles, the compensation matters, and whatnot. 

We will help you recover the emergency room and hospital bills, wages (lost and future both), medical items and expenses. And most importantly, we will get you the loss of consortium from the perpetrator. The Jackman Law firm will give you a free consultation, and our litigation and proceedings fee will be charged after you win the case. Call today to get your free consultation.