Get efficient and trustworthy assistance for Rental Car Accidents

It seems odd to rent out a car when there is Uber and Lyft present almost everywhere. You never know that the driver ahead of you is driving his own car or has rented it. The roads are already stuffed with a lot of cars and more the number of cars more will be the proportional increment of getting into an accident.

Collisions with a rented car may land you into more trouble than you expect. There are health concerns about meeting with this type of accident. Along with this, there are other imperative complexities regarding the insurance and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Why is Insurance important in the Car Rental Crashes?


Insurance is important because the driver has rented a car which does not belong to him. And the normal insurance procedures do not follow here. You need to assure that the rental car company has provided insurance for the car only. On the other hand, the driver’s personal insurance does not entail car accidents out of a rented car.

This is essential to find out which type of insurance does the driver and the rental car company has. And lastly, you also need to confirm whether your insurance policy covers your Uninsured Motorist Coverage because this will be your last resort.

The reason you need a lawyer is that the car insurance companies and the driver will not share their information with you. And an experienced lawyer the likes of which are found at Jackman Law Firm have the prowess and the skills to get you out of this trouble.

As per the Washington State Law…

The Car Company can be held liable to pay for your compensation due to the reason that they were not cautious before renting out the car. Failure to do so is called as negligent entrustment. The car rental company has to check the previous records of the rentee. They have to make sure that there are no instances of reckless driving, intoxication or any other accidents previously done by the driver. Carelessness or negligent behavior in this scenario can make for a sound lawsuit against the rental company.

Another scenario is when the rented out car is not of good condition. If the accident occurs due to an internal issue in the car, then also you can file a case directly against the rental company.

No matter the scenario, the most important thing is knowing the facts. You are already troubled with injuries and other responsibilities. So, why take yet another burden of handling the legal matters. Leave it to the professionals.

Jackman Law Firm:

These days getting anything from the insurance companies is a lot troublesome than you are already facing. That is why you need assistance from the Jackman Law Firm. We have enough experience to deal with these kinds of cases. We will gather all the facts, uncover the truth and then only pursue the case in a court.

Once you are associating with us, you will receive:

  • Medical bills
  • Car repair costs
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • And compensation for your pain and suffering.

Washington State law only gives you until three years to file a case. So, hurry and give us a call today. The first consultation is free.