Hit By A Car On The Crosswalk Or A Pedestrian Path? We Can Help You

Truly, if we are to filter out one type of accident which is most dreaded that has to be a Crosswalk or pedestrian path accident. The car, truck or SUV drivers sometimes cannot differentiate between a road and a pedestrian path. Similarly, the people sometimes cannot confirm before walking on the crosswalk that what the legend is instructing. The result in both of these cases is a grave injury to the individual. These are the types of injuries sustained in such a crash.

  • Concussion or head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Fatality

The Washington State Law is strict in these matters:

Well, the State can only do so much to keep the cars on the road. Still, some untrained or intoxicated drivers will trespass the pedestrian path and injure everybody in its way. Hence, there are strict laws for the crosswalks, where there is a chance of direct interaction between the person and the car.

  • You need to first follow the symbols, if the sign says walk, then only cross the road. If the sign is turning on and off intermittently, should not enter the roadway. Lastly, if there is a hand symbol on the legend, never cross the road. Failure to follow these rules may lead to an accident.
  • For the car drivers, it has been set that they are not to drive when people are crossing the road. If the walk signal is blinking they are to stop for the pedestrian who are already crossing the road.

Insurance Coverage in these accidents:


The mounting bills and expenses in a pedestrian accident include charges for the treatment, medicines, and other out of the pocket expenses. Also, there are lost wages (present and future), pain and suffering costs, death (in extreme cases).

The insurance companies have to cover all these costs, but the matter is which one will pay for it. Among these two parties are there different scenarios involved:

  • PIP Insurance: This type of insurance is associated with the driver. If the driver has Personal Injury Protection insurance, then his insurance company will pay for your bills.
  • If not then you need to avail your insurance to cover for all the expenses or claim against your work insurance policy.
  • Lastly, without any type of insurance coverage, and if you are unemployed the State will pay for the bills.

The Problem arises & the Jackman Law Firm has the solution:

The insurance companies in lieu of not paying the adequate amount of the coverage will try to shift the blame on you. You are already suffering from physical and mental trauma and added to it, the pressure will certainly make matters worse.

That is why you need a legal aid (experienced Jackman Law Firm lawyers), by your side. Recently, we have won a case where an injured woman received $100,000 in a settlement. We will dabble with all the options including settlement, compromise and everything else that will keep you out of the court. If nothing bulges the at-fault driver or his insurance provider, then we will take them to the court.

After gathering all the evidence and necessary information the Jackman Law Firm will get you the deserved compensation. All you need to do is give us a call today and book your free appointment.