How Jackman Law Firm Can Assist You in Hit and Run Cases?

Hit and Run car accidents are the worst type of unfortunate events one can go through. The hit and run cases induce utter pain both mentally and physically on the victim. This is because the victim has no idea who hit him/her and moreover has to take care of the injuries first. As far as the legal matters are concerned it is best that it is left to the capable hands of Jackman Law Firm. We have enough experience to get you the fair share of the monetary compensation covering you for all the loss, either from the culprit (if he is caught) or from the insurance company (if not caught).

As unpredictable as the roads and the drivers are today it is better to be prepared beforehand. When buying a car you need to ask for a UIM coverage with your insurance. This will allow you to get the claim from your insurance company in case the main culprit does not come ashore.

What does Law dictate? 

As per the Washington State Law, when a driver hits someone on the road it is the bounden duty of the perpetrator to stop and attend to the injured. Also, the driver has to acknowledge his actions and also provide his registration, license plate number, and insurance information with the victim. Calling the police is also recommended so that the authorities can file a formal report and attend to the matter. All this information and police report can really make a strong case for you in court with regards to the matters of compensation.

What you should do?


Whenever you are involved in any hit and run accident, follow these steps curated by the Jackman Law Firm. These will help you in taking the right course of action not just with yourself but also if you are helping someone.

  • First thing is first, call the police immediately.
  • In the next step, get medical help. Call 911 or let the police call for emergency services. In case the authorities are arriving late make sure to attend to the victim (if you are not the victim yourself).
  • Then, you need to call your insurance company for a UIM coverage authorization. Now, most of the people do not even know that such an aspect exists. But at Jackman Law Firm we will make sure that you are well compensated for your losses.

Jackman Law Firm:

At Jackman, we have an ample amount of experience in dealing with hit and run cases. The law is strict on it, but if the culprit is not to be found there isn’t much anyone can do. The Jackman Law Firm will fight the case on UIM coverage basis.

This is not easy as the insurance companies will not bend easily and they may even blame you. But rest assured that our experienced and well-read lawyers can get you through the hectic process easily. All you need to do is give us a call and you are on your way to relieved of all the worries instantly.