How to deal with Car Accidents in Construction Zones?

The Construction areas in every city reek with dangers both within and outside the premises of the construction. Moreover, there is constant repair and development work going in cities like Seattle which only creates new dangers for the commuters. It is always recommended that whenever you drive on these types of surfaces, take extreme caution. This is because the roads are not leveled and there are potholes and whatnot everywhere. These unsymmetrical elements can cause harm to the bypassers especially those on two-wheelers.

Washington State Law:

In 2016, there were a total of 158,000 Work Zone crashes which led to injuring 42,000 people and causing 61,000 injuries. This means that a lot of people are either careless while driving or the construction zones are not properly demarcated.

The State has set some laws which target protection and safety of the drivers and the construction zone workers. But whenever there is an incident, there has to be a clear analysis of who was at fault. That is why you need an efficient lawyer to inform you and to find out the truth behind the incident. At Jackman Law firm we have handled numerous such cases, in which the victim had to suffer dual repercussions

Major Causes responsible for such accidents:


It is true that the majority of the people do not pay heed to construction zone signs and flaggers which often leads to accidents. Other than this:

  • Speeding: On the highways, the drivers tend to drive too fast and the moment they notice the construction zone, it is too late to stop. Under normal conditions, a driver can decelerate the speeding car at 15 feet/second. But in construction zones, the conditions are not normal. Hence, it takes more than the stipulated time and distance for the car to come to a halt.
  • Mounting Traffic: Also, it is evident that around every construction zone, there will be heaps of traffic slowly cruising through the work area. The drivers who fail to go with the traffic often commit the mistake of hitting someone else. Here, the at-fault driver and the construction company will try to blame each other for negligence.

Jackman Law Firm:

In such cases, you will be the sole suffering party who has to bear the pain. We understand your concern and always take the extra mile to help our clients for obtaining the deserved compensation. This is how we can help you:

  • Get you the fair compensation for all your losses. This will include the car repair cost, the medical bills, and other expenses.
  • Lost Wages: All the time you are sitting at home and are not able to work due to injuries you are losing your potential wage. We will help you obtain all the previous and future wages due to the accident.
  • Loss of Consortium: Our lawyers will help you obtain a wholesome amount for the loss of life of a loved one, also called Loss of Consortium.

A lawyer has to be an expert lawman first and a passionate human being to second it. At Jackman Law Firm our lawyers has everything a person needs to be to help you with the case and win it. So, give us a call today to get rid of all your woes.