Oversized Truck Accidents

Oversized trucks are a common sight on the Washington State Highways. These trucks, though put to multiple uses, normally carry large construction materials. A truck is considered to be an oversized truck if it has a minimum width of 8 feet and the material it carries is at least 12 feet wide. Due to their large size, these trucks are usually escorted by another vehicle for safety purposes. For instance, the escort vehicle alerts other vehicles on the road of the presence of an oversized truck. Plus, to warn the truck itself of the impending need for caution or danger ahead.

Washington State Oversized Truck Laws and Causes of Accidents

Oversized trucks are commercial vehicles and have to follow a number of Washington State Policies and Laws, while on the road. Thus, these trucks are seldom involved in accidents, but when they do, people sustain serious injuries.

An oversized truck accident occurs due to two reasons if you yourself are not at fault. It could either be the fault of the driver, or that of the trucking company or both. First, a driver needs to have a Commercial Driving License to be eligible for driving any commercial vehicle. And for that, the drivers have to go through a series of rigorous tests and background checks. Yet, most truck accidents occur due to driver’s fault, with some common reasons being,

  • Exhausted or overworked driver
  • Driver’s inattention or distractedness
  • Inexperienced or incompetent driver

Second, the trucking company also has the responsibility to hire drivers with due diligence. In addition to making sure that the truck gets regular maintenance and repair, proper tires, oils changed, etc. So some of the common causes of oversized trucking accidents due to company’s fault are:

  • Worn out tires
  • Faulty or jammed brakes
  • Mechanical faults in the vehicle due to improper maintenance
  • Improper hiring


Another reason for some of the oversized truck accidents is the inefficient securing of the cargo. Loosely tied cargo, which can move around can cause vehicle imbalance while taking a turn. Or worse, the cargo can also fall out of the truck and cause damage to the vehicles behind the truck. In fact, this may account for serious injuries. This scenario may also account for the company’s fault.

Also, the trucks, due to their extra large size, besides carrying heavy loads, need to maintain optimum distance from the vehicles ahead. For the reason that they can’t be halted quickly. On average, an oversized truck cover around 196 feet before halting, after brakes are applied, which is approximately 60 feet more than ordinary vehicles. Take the case when a vehicle is driving ahead of a truck: when both suddenly apply brakes, the truck will hit the vehicle if an adequate distance is not maintained.

The Jackman Law Firm Can Help You

If you have been hit by an oversized truck or its falling cargo, you must have sustained serious injuries. You must also be tired of taking calls from the trucking company’s insurance firm and making multiple rounds to the hospital. Moreover, the medical bills might be hitting your savings along with lost wages. But Jackman Law Firm can help relieve your stress, as we can help you recover the following:

  • Money for lost wages.
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering
  • Money spent on medical bills

We can also represent you in case the truck company’s insurance firm tries to partially pin the blame on you.  Please call for a free consultation.