Runaway Truck Accidents

The term runaway truck means when a truck or its trailer loses its balance or control and is unable to stop and thus an accident occurs. Such is without a doubt, one of the most dangerous events which the driver may have no control over. The drivers of trucks, trailers, semi-trucks or even SUVs may face such situations.

In such cases, the collision happens as a rear-end accident usually. These accidents may also cause a considerable amount of damage to the other vehicles present on the road at that time. Moreover, such accidents are more likely to happen in the hilly areas and there are many such areas around Kirkland, Olympia, Bellevue, and Seattle.

Causes of Runaway Truck Accidents

Even though the latest kinds of trucks and semi-trucks have an advanced system of brakes in them, many mishappenings still happen. The most common causes behind these accidents are failing of brakes, steep or hilly areas, rash driving, especially on turns. Also, when there is a loss of friction in the tires, and the heating can make the scenario even worse and thus more likelihood of accidents.

Another case is of the brake fading and the brake effectiveness. The braking effectiveness begins to deteriorate when the truck or trailer is coming down the slope in a hilly area. There are various kinds of fading of brakes. Friction fading is one of its types. Such a brake fade can be completely eliminated in case the maintenance is done right.

The second type of brake fade is mechanical. In such a scenario, the drum expands because of the heat created by the friction. It can pose grave dangers because the brakes may stop working.

The third kind is brake fading is called fluid fading. Many brake systems now have a hydraulic brake. In such a case, the fluids are required to reach the pads, when the driver applies the brake. Now with the friction, the heat is created, and the fluid boils up and it can cause major braking issues. Hence, the truck may get imbalanced and the truck may not be able to stop then.

Runaway Truck Accidents

The fourth kind of brake fading is the domino fade. With more and more use of brakes, they may become overheated, and may not function properly. Also, this may cause imbalance such that two or more wheels have more load than the other wheels. Therefore, there are chances that brakes may fail and the truck will be unable to stop.

Ways The Jackman Law Firm Can Help

If you ever had to face such a misfortunate accident, you are likely to have been at the receiving end of immense tension and difficulties. These may be on the medical front or the financial front. Calls from the insurance companies, visiting doctors, or the speedy outflow of money might be some of the problems that you had to face. Also, you may be losing both work and income due to the inability to go to the office/work. Our firm can help you out during these difficult times to get back:

  • Money for trauma
  • Money for lost income
  • Money for various medical bills

We can help you out to claim money for the losses that you had to bear after the accident. There are also some chances that the insurance company of the truck company allege you of being a party to it. In such a case, you need a lawyer to fight back. The Jackman Law Firm can help you in this regard too.