Speeding Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi Trucks and 18 wheelers are a common sight on the Washington State roads, including in Seattle and Olympia. They are very rarely involved in accidents, but when they do, the consequences are severe. While one of the major reasons of semi truck accidents is their overspeeding.

Speeding Semi Truck Accident Laws

Speeding truck accidents can be of two types. One, when the driver is simply driving too fast. The other is when the driver is driving too fast for the road conditions. Either way, you may raise a claim against the owners of the speeding truck involved in the collision. Further, if you are not at fault, there are two other sources. It can either be the truck driver’s mistake or a mistake made by the company.

If the speeding truck accident happened because of the driver’s fault, the reasons could be:

  • Driving over speed for the conditions.
  • Inexperienced driver.
  • Negligence or inattention.
  • Distraction

While most of the time, such accidents occur due to driver’s mistake, the trucking company can also be at fault. For instance, the company might have ignored the necessary procedures and requirements while hiring the driver. Or there could be reasons like the company failed to maintain the vehicle properly, not replacing bald tires, jammed brakes, etc could have led to the speeding truck accident.


Common Speeding Truck Accident Injuries

Semi trucks or 18 wheelers are very large and heavy vehicles. Thus in case of a crash, they cause significant damage to smaller vehicles they collide with. If you have survived an accident with a speeding truck then you are potentially suffering from severe injuries and pain. The common injuries associated with speeding truck accidents are:

  • Neck injuries
  • Shoulder and backaches, disc injuries
  • Brain trauma and injuries
  • Bone fractures

If you are suffering from injuries like those mentioned above, you are surely having a restless time. Moreover, none of these injuries can be treated without the assistance of a medical practitioner. And for quality care, you must visit specialists for faster recovery.

How The Jackman Law Firm Can Help

Surviving a speeding truck accident is a very painful experience.  In addition, incessant calls from the insurance company and medical appointments must be eating away your precious time and money. And another difficulty you might be dealing with is the loss of your wages. But don’t worry, we can help you with that. The Jackman Law Firm will help you reclaim the following:

  • The money you have lost due to loss of wages.
  • Financial relief for the pain and suffering 
  • Cost of your medical bills, past and future

Additionally, we will also be by your side for dealing with the truck company’s insurance firm.  If they trying blaming you for the accident, you will need evidence to prove your innocence and we will help you with it. We have all the resources to send subpoenas for video footages, eyewitnesses, etc, (if any). In fact, we can also go to the length of investigating the company, internally or externally, to find fault.

So the simplest solution for you is to call us and we’ll discuss your case in full detail for free.