Truck Hazardous Material Spills

Washington State Highways are driven on by a number of trucks, including 18 wheeler trucks. And many of these carry hazardous materials every day, on these roads. A majority of these trucks are driven with precision and pose no harm to the general public. But in the event of an accident, the hazardous material they carry can spill over, besides causing grave injuries or even deaths.

The materials these 18 wheelers mostly transport is mostly in gas or liquid form. Even in case of a minor hit, if one of the pipes or outlets gets punctured, the harmful chemicals can spill on the road. And in case the material is inflammable, it will most likely catch fire or even a blast. On the other hand, if you directly come in contact with the spilled chemical, you might suffer serious chemical burns or injury. For these reasons, the Washington State states certain restrictions on the movement of certain types of chemicals or hazardous materials on its highways.

Washington State Hazardous Material Truck Laws

The semi trucks and 18 wheelers carry a range of chemical substances, which are often gas or liquids. Flammable gases transported by road include propane and helium. While battery fluids, gasoline, sodium hydroxide, and even the radioactive uranium, are counted among the liquid hazardous materials.

If the truck accident was not by your fault, there could be two other culprits. One, the driver of the truck, while other, the trucking company itself. Firstly, to drive a commercial vehicle, like a truck carrying hazardous material,  the driver needs to have a Commercial Driver’s License. These type of licenses are not easy to get, as it involves a series of tests to pass. Secondly, its the onus of the trucking company to hire good and experienced drivers for carrying such dangerous materials. Moreover, they also have the responsibility towards the maintenance of the vehicle. For instance, the tires shouldn’t be worn out, the oils and fluid must be regularly checked, etc. In short, they have to make sure that the truck is completely safe for driving on the road. Additionally, it is mandatory per law to take the fingerprints of drivers driving trucks carrying hazardous materials, and also make sure that they are US citizens.


Some of the common causes behind truck accidents and hazardous material spills, are:

  • Tire blowouts, skidding, etc
  • Mechanical faults in the truck
  • Faulty or jammed brakes
  • Improper hiring by the trucking company
  • Laxity by the truck company in vehicle maintenance.

Some of the Common Hazardous Material Spill Accident Injuries Are:

  • Thermal or chemical burns
  • Exposure to carcinogenic substances
  • Loss of vision and hearing
  • Neural ailments
  • Lung infections
  • Chemical Poisoning
  • Loss of limbs due to an explosion

The Jackman Law Firm Can Help You

Surviving exposure to and injuries from a chemical hazardous material truck accident have long term consequences on health. You must also be receiving calls from the truck company’s insurance team. And so many medical appointments, bills, and lost wages must be making life even more difficult. But why be alone when you can get assistance. The Jackman Law Firm can help you recover the following:

  • Money lost in wages
  • Compensation for injuries and trauma
  • Recover expenses on medical treatment

Apart from the above, we can also assist you while dealing with the police, the trucking company’s insurance firm, etc. We can also find evidence to help your case, including eyewitness accounts, video footages, etc. And while we may try for out of court settlement between you and the truck company, and if unsuccessful, we can also fight your case in the court of law.

All you need to do now is call us for a free consultation or for any queries regarding your truck accident.