Uber Car Accidents

Uber is one of the most common commute options available. With the passage of time, it has overtaken the businesses of traditional cabs and taxis. These are a lot convenient and also the fares are reasonably priced. However, it’s not always that these rides are a convenient and good experience. If you have had an accident while in a Uber ride, you can claim against Uber. Please note that, in this case, you cannot claim against the driver since Uber is liable for the actions of its employees. Uber goes by the ‘commercial insurance policy’.

Under the commercial insurance policies, if an accident happens, you can claim the insurance too. Now there can be various causes of an accident while riding in an Uber.  The most common causes are distractions, a negligent driver, inattention, sleepiness, and ill-maintained vehicle, etc.

Uber is a global brand and has a huge network across various nations. Some facts about Uber:

  • Over 75 million riders use Uber daily.
  • There are three million Uber drivers worldwide.
  • Uber captures almost 85% of the travel industry.

Washington State Uber Laws

As stated by the Washington State Uber Laws, following norms have to be followed by Uber:

  • Uber cars must not be older than 10 years.
  • Such a car must have 4 doors.
  • It should be properly maintained.
  • Vehicle inspection test must be cleared.
  • The Uber drivers must have separate car insurance other than the Uber insurance.

If you are an Uber driver and had an accident while on duty, you can claim insurance from Uber. When you are not riding, you can get up to $50,000 as an insurance claim. I case you were about to pick up your ride, you can have up to  $100,000 as an insurance claim.

Uber Car Accidents

Also, there are many cases where a rider gets physically/sexually assaulted by the Uber driver. In such a case, you should immediately call 911 and try to escape the situation. 

When you have had an accident while in Uber, chances are you may have had serious injuries. These may include whiplash, breakage of bones, displacement of disc, concussions, and headaches, etc.

How The Jackman Law Firm Can Help You

We can help you get the insurance claim from Uber for your mental and physical suffering. There are chances that their insurance company might accuse you of being a party to the accident, even though it might clearly not be so. In such a case, our firm can fight the case for you or can help you get your insurance claim.

Also, we can make sure that that your medical bills are covered. If you take our assistance, we won’t allow the multiple calls being directed at you from the insurance companies too. Furthermore, the police reports can also be obtained by us along with the witness statements. You can expect every possible assistance from our firm to increase the chances of you winning the case and for covering the damages done by the accident.