Uber is Contributing to the Increasing Number of Accidents in Seattle & Kirkland

The motive of implementing ride-sharing facilities in a city is to reduce the number of personal cars treading on the road. Ride-sharing cars promote carpooling and help reduce the cumulative carbon-footprint of a city. But this is not all that these ride-sharing facilities provide. They are also linked with an increase in the number of crashes and congestion in certain areas of the city.

A team of researchers conducted a study for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business named “The Cost of convenience: Ride Sharing and Traffic Fatalities”. In this study, they found evidence that after introducing Ride-sharing services like Uber in a city it led to an increase in traffic delays and the number of crashes.

Why The Increase?

This does not mean that the Uber or Lyft drivers for that matter are careless and do not follow the rules. It suggests that with an increase in the number of cars in a certain area, there is a consistent rise in the troubles caused by it. It was also found that with the introduction of these services in US cities, there was an increase of 2-3% of fatal accidents. This may look like a small number but 2% of 1.3 million is enough to prove that Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services are damaging the normal way of life in a profound manner.


If you riding an Uber, there are chances of meeting with an accident. This may be due to the fault of your driver or any other person or car on the road. The end result is that you are getting hurt due to the mistake of another person. In this scenario, you have the right to claim compensation from either the driver or the ride-sharing company; in this case, Uber.

Uber works with a commercial insurance policy and it covers the car along with the driver. This means that if you are hurt in this accident, Uber will pay for all your damages. But first, you need to prove that the accident happened when you were riding a Uber.

What are the Causes of Uber Accidents?

There are several reasons why your Uber may be in an accident:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunken driving
  • Calling or texting when driving
  • Reckless driving

Most importantly, the increasing number of Ubers on the road is leading to further congestion of the cities, which is a pre-cursor for accidents.  

Your Legal Recourse:

The Jackman Law Firm understands that getting into an accident due to someone else’s fault can be frustrating, not to mention the health and monetary loss you have to suffer. But we can help you obtain your deserved money. Uber car accidents involve the company and the driver and you as the rider. You can claim compensation directly from the company. This is because the car driver is working for them and it is the company’s responsibility to keep you safe.

Due to this, the organization may try to strong-arm you into reaching a compromise which will benefit them the most.  We will seek a claim for all the losses and compensation that you deserve. If they fail to comply, we will take them to court.  Everything will be done by us, all you need to do is give us one call and book your free consultation.