Were You Involved In A Car Accident With Lyft Ride-sharing?

Similar to Uber, Lyft is also a ride-sharing service. Although the services of both these ventures are the same. However, there is some sort of difference when you are involved unfortunately in a car accident.

Lyft operates only in the US and Canada at present. It is present in over 300 cities and works up to 1 million rides per day. It is evident that the number of crashes has indeed decreased in the cities since the arrival of these services. Still, there are instances of incidents hurting the riders and the driver of the vehicle.

Washington State Laws with regards to Lyft Drivers and Cars:

  • Every car treading the roads in Seattle should have an inspection form.
  • The driver should have registration and a license.
  • Driver’s personal car insurance is necessary.
  • Every Lyft car has to be manufactured in or after 2013.

Different Scenarios for Customers and Drivers:


For Drivers, there are in total of 4 options to seek a claim for any kind of health or capital losses. These claims are subject to some conditions.

  • Being a Lyft Driver when you are hit by another car, then you have three options. Either you can go to the Labor and Industries Claim, here the Washington State will pay for your losses. If not then you can ask for compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company and lastly, you can call your insurance company to pay for the losses. In all these scenarios you will need a well-read lawyer who is also passionate enough to understand your concerns and act accordingly.
  • Next, there is another type of insurance claim called Contingent Liability Coverage. This is when you are not actually riding, but are waiting for someone to call a ride. Here, you will get a $100,000 maximum limit for a car accident.
  • The last situation is when you are in an accident while riding Lyft with a rider inside the car. Here, your personal insurance will be the primary provider of compensation. The Lyft’s commercial insurance coverage will be applicable after your insurance amount runs out.

As a rider, you can seek compensation for your losses from the driver’s insurance company and from Lyft. According to a CNET report, there have been more than a hundred cases where the drivers of Uber and Lyft have either kidnapped or sexually assaulted the passengers. This is the most unfortunate and trust-breaking scenario one can go through. You can also seek a claim for your losses in these situations from the company or the driver.

Jackman Law Firm will assist you:

We have often handled cases where either the insurance companies or the at-fault drivers will try to shift the blame. In these scenarios, the Jackman Law firm will ensure that you are well protected from these instances.

We will:

  • Interview the witnesses
  • Acquire the videotapes and go through all the police statement to arrive at a winning scenario.

Jackman Law Firm assures you that we will fight your case with due diligence and compassion. After winning the case you will receive:

  • Compensation for all your medical bills.
  • Any other expenses.
  • Your lost wages due to injury and the time spent at home recovering.
  • The deserved money for harassment, pain, and suffering.

So, call today for a free consultation and increase your chances at winning the case.